Thursday, May 16, 2013

sanjay dutt and tina munim

Tina was Sanjay Dutt’s first love --

Beautiful Tina was Sanjay Dutt’s first love. They met on the sets of Rocky and fell in love. But soon Tina left Sanjay for the then superstar Rajesh Khanna.

Sanjay was heart broken and shocked with Tina’s decision. But later they became friends. Sanjay even attended Tina’s wedding with tycoon Anil Ambani.

Tina Munim was in love with Rajesh Khanna ---  Stunning Tina Munim and Superstar Rajesh Khanna were so much in love with each other that they used to share the same toothbrush, if close sources are to be believed.  
Unlike other couples, they never tried to hide their relationship. Even during the 80’s they started living together. But this relationship turned bitter when Rajesh refused to divorce Dimple. Tina got angry and left Rajesh’s home.

Allegedly, after knowing about Tina's decision, Rajesh Khanna begged Tina Munim not to leave him alone but Tina did not want to continue with a relation that had no future.

Later in an interview to Shobha De, Tina Munim said, "Kaka was incapable of loving anyone. He was only ever in love with himself."

Tina Munim finally married Anil Ambani, a scion of the Ambani family. 

Tina Munim, who is 56 today

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