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Munawar Sultana

 Munawwar Sultana

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Munawwar Sultana – Interview

Munawwar Sultana
Munawwar Sultana
What does one expect when one is to visit a heroine of yesteryear? A room full of faded pictorial memories, an aged, grey-haired forgotten lady, wistfully thinking about the days that were. But things at Munawwar Sultana’s (now Mrs. Munawwar Sharaf Ali) were different. The room where we sat had a framed tapestry, a modern painting and other evidence of a good life. And the lady bounced in looking still young and fresh and content at playing mother and grandmother to her large and happy family.
We asked her to talk about her days in films. “My career ?” she said. “It’s been such a long time­ – I left films 22 years ago and I’ve forgotten a lot.” Born in Lahore to a family which was strict in its upbringing, Munawwar Sultana was educated at home. Her love for acting made her want to join films. “I wonder if today, girls are still attracted to films as I was,” she said.
So when she was asked by Maheshwari to play the heroine in his   she didn’t know how she’d do it, as she was very shy. But yet she signed. Her co-stars in that film were Kishore (a cousin of Mahe­shwari’s) and Aruna “an actress from Bengal, I don’t remember her full name, it’s been such a long time.” The picture was a success.
Munawwar now wanted to come to Bombay to work. Her wish was almost fulfilled when A. R. Kardar signed her to play Mumtaz Mahal in his Shah Jahan. But then came the great explosion in the Bombay docks and her mother said no. She thought her career ended there. But no, along came Mazhar Khan to Lahore with a contract for two years at Rs. 4000 – 5000 per month and house rent. She came to Bombay in 1945 and made her maiden appearance under M. K. in his Pehli Nazar. She did two more films with him co-starring with Motilal, Veena, Minoo and Baburao Pendharkar. One was left incomplete. Kardar had not forgotten her and signed her for his Dard with Suraiya and it was a jubilee hit.
She worked with Mehboob in Elan, Shantaram in Andhon Ki Duniya, co-starring with Manmohan Krishna, Leela Chitnis and Mahipal (his first film). She did Udhar with Dev Anand, Majboor, a great hit, with Shyam, Sheikh Muktar’s Dada with Shyam and Begum Para, Kaneez again with Shyam, Babul, in which she starred with Nargis and Dilip Kumar, Sartaj with Motilal, Laxman Lulla’s Watan, and Raat Ki Rani and so on.
It was in her work that she meet her husband Sharaf Ali, who used to supply the furniture on the sets. He also produced two movies of hers — Meri Kahani with Surendra and Pyar Ke Manzil with Rehman. And that’s where they got to know each other. She had no intention of giving up her career yet and so they waited. After completing almost a decade on the screen, she bowed out to play wife and mother.
What roles did she play ? “I was a suffering heroine,” she said with a laugh. “Movies those days were like that — sober and tragic.” The artistes re­spected their producers and directors, ” aaj tho artistes ke din hain.”
What about her co-stars who are still in the business? Glad that Dilip Kumar is still continuing and doing character roles. “He’s such a fine actor, it would be a shame to see such a fine actor wasting his talent. Age,” she says, “is a natural thing and nothing to be shy about. With age, one matures and so our acting gets better. All artistes should realize this. If there is love for acting, the work continues.”
On films today—”The off-beat films are good.” As for commercials, “you see one movie, you’ve seen all. It’s the same characters, roles, story. They work in a rush — naturally, when money is concerned. So how can they concentrate on playing different roles each shift? So they sign on the same types of films and roles…”
“We also did three-four shifts at a time, but we didn’t rush from shift to shift; we gave our dates, so that we would be on one set for a week.” They studied their scripts and scenes beforehand, because they had the time, before going on the sets; rehearsed each scene before it was shot. And so they immersed themselves into the characters they were playing and gave memorable performances.
“It’s not that our actors are not as good as those abroad. Look at Sanjeev Kumar. I think he’s a good artiste. But the foreign stars take one shooting at a time and are therefore able to concentrate and are exceptionally good.”
Today, away from the glamour of filmland, Mrs. Sharaf Ali leads a contented retired life amidst her vast family, the even tenor only occasionally broken by the brood of grandchildren clamouring for her attention. And sometimes, when she looks back, she can happily remember the years when Munawwar Sultana was the reigning queen of the Indian screen. (Munawwar Sultana interviewed by Piroj Wadia in 1978).

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Munawar Sultana (?–1995)

Music Department (11 titles)
1957 Bedari (playback singer)
1955 Heer (playback singer)
1955 Naukar (playback singer)
1954 Gumnam (playback singer)
1953 Shehri Babu (playback singer)
1953/I Aaghosh (playback singer)
1950 Laraay (playback singer)
1949 Pheray (playback singer)
1949 Hichkolay (playback singer)
1949 Shahida (playback singer)
1948 Memories (playback singer)
Hide HideSoundtrack (5 titles)
1955 Heer (performer: "Baddal noo hath lawan", "Tere naal naal pakhi wangoo")
1953 Shehri Babu (performer: "Aaja aaja baalam, sanbhi jaye na jawani")
1950 Laraay (performer: "Treekaan bugtan ge tere mape", "Neun ni lana oye neun ni lana", "We main bol bol thakki", "Likhian na murian mere sarh geye", "Sar ban ke mangwin dhoti", "Sajna we teinu einj nein si chai da")
1949 Pheray (performer: "Menu rabb di sohn tere naal pyar", "We akhian laawin na te dil parchawin na", "Ki keeta taqdire, kyun tor ditte do heere")
1948 Memories (performer: "Barbad hai kyun mere Dil ka Gulistan", "Mera Dil dharak raha hai teri yaad")
Hide HideActress (4 titles)
1950 Babul
1949 Kaneez
1947 Dard
1947 Elan

‘Munawar Sultana’

January 12, 2010

Dard (1947)

Hindi films are so aptly named much of the time! This one is unsubtitled but even I could tell that it is full of people paining and pining, although I am not always clear why. I don’t usually write up the unsubtitled movies I watch unless they are particularly interesting; this one is (at least to me), for several reasons. One is that Uma Devi, later known and beloved as comedienne Tun Tun, sings playback for actress Munawar Sultana. The songs were a big hit for her (composed by Naushad). The second is that it is a relatively early film for character actors who went on to have long careers in Hindi cinema: Protima Devi, Badri Prasad and one of my favorites Shyam Kumar. And also, except for Suraiya, I had not seen the lead actors—Munawar Sultana and Nusrat—so was just plain curious!

Kaneez (1949 film)

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DVD cover
DVD cover
Directed by Krishan Kumar
Produced by Krishan Kumar
Screenplay by Hasrat Lucknavi
Story by Hasrat Lucknavi
Starring Munawar Sultana
Kuldeep Kaur
Ramesh Sinha
Khwaja Sabir
Nazir Kashmiri
Urmila Devi
Jillo Bai
Music by Ghulam Haider
Hansraj Behl
O.P. Nayyar (Film score)
Release date(s)
  • 1949
Language Urdu/Hindi
Kaneez is a 1949 Urdu/Hindi film directed and produced by Krishan Kumar,[1][2] starring Shyam, Munawar Sultana and Kuldeep Kaur in lead roles.



Sabira is the daughter of a wealthy, Akbar, who is cheated by his manager, Hamid, and forced into a mental home. Sabira marries Hamid's son, Akhtar but the marriage is destroyed by a woman called, Darling, who is after Akhtar for his money. Sabira is forced to become a servant in her own house but she recovers her place as the mistress as Darling is exposed and Akhtar realized her worth for him.


The music is composed by the two very well known composers then, Ghulam Haider and Hansraj Behl[1] with a large playback of Shamshad Begum, Mohammad Rafi, Surinder Kaur,[1][3] Geeta Dutt, Zeenat Begum, G.M. Durrani,[4] S.D. Batish and Rajkumari. The lyrics written by Hasrat Lucknavi, Sarshar Sailani, Shahir Ghaznavi and Harishchandra Akhtar. O.P. Nayyar composed the background music. [5]


Actor/Actress Role
Munawar Sultana Sabira (Akbar's daughter)
Shyam Akhtar (Hamid's son)
Khwaja Sabir Hamid (Akbar's manager)
Ramesh Sinha Akbar
Kuldeep Kaur Darling

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Image result for Munawar Sultana
Image result for Munawar Sultana
Image result for Munawar Sultana
Image result for Munawar Sultana
Image result for Munawar Sultana

Image result for Munawar SultanaBeete Hue Din: 'Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon' - Munavvar Sultana
Munavvar Sultana…!!!...the star actress from 1940s who ruled the hearts her audience with her eternal beauty and amazing performances.

Munawar Sultana - IMDb

Munawar Sultana was born on November 8, 1924 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. She is known for her work on Pheray (1949), Shehri Babu (1953) and Laraay ..

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  1. Munawar Sultana
  2. DiedMay 20, 1995, Lahore, Pakistan
  3. Dard (1947)
    Babul (1950)

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